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Other Prints Charming Items

An accent crystal and stamped initials, numbers, and/or symbols (on the back of the charm) are included with each fingerprint charm.


Individual Charms - We also sell individual charms, not strung on a necklace or a bracelet. They are delivered with a jump ring, so you can add it to your own chain. You can also purchase charms designed to fit onto add-a-bead bracelets, such as Pandora, Troll, or Brighton. These are delivered on a bail.


1 silver fingerprint charm on a jump ring: $55
1 gold fingerprint charm on a jump ring: $325
1 silver fingerprint charm on a Pandora-style bail: $70






Keyring – This horseshoe-shaped keyring holds prints suspended from a bail.

With 1 fingerprint charm: $125
With 2 fingerprint charms: $175
With 3 fingerprint charm: $210
With 4 fingerprint charms: $245
With 5 fingerprint charm: $280






Earrings – Make these earrings with 2 separate prints or 2 from the same person.

1 pair: $125




Safety Chain - This chain will secure your bracelet, in the event that your toggle opens. It's a sturdy Rolo chain with small lobster clasps at each end. Two other sizes of clasps are available, should you need one for bracelets you already own.

1 chain: $15



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With each Prints Charming charm you have your choice of 1 accent. All the accents, with the exception of the mini flower, are Swarovski crystals. We've noted which crystals are used for birthstones.