Regali Jewelry

Care of Your Fingerprint Jewelry

Sterling silver will tarnish, although we've found that it tarnishes less if you wear it. It can, however, get dirty from the natural salt and oils from your body. It's best not to wear your Regali jewelry when you exercise, swim, and bathe.

If it does get dirty, use warm water, gentle soap, and a soft toothbrush to clean it. Use a soft cloth to buff it dry.

You can also clean it with your Regali or other silver cloth.

If your piece is very dirty or tarnished you can use commercial jewelry cleaners, but be careful not to put your crystal, Regali tag, and fingerprint charm in the solution. This is especially true if your print has been patina'd; the cleaner will remove the patina from your print and the Regali tag.

The precious metal clay is naturally more porous than Sterling silver, so over time it will gradually age a bit. This is normal and it will still be beautiful!

If you will not be wearing it for a while we recommend storing it away from the air, in a silver cloth, anti-tarnish bag, or acid-free tissue paper.

This information applies to the Whimsy collection, as well.

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