Regali Jewelry

You're free to personalize your charms to suit your needs.

Charm finish

Choose to leave your charms silver or to patina them. The patina helps to show imprints that are very light. In the case of babies, who typically don't have fingerprints, or footprints of very tiny babies, the patina finish doesn't add much to the charm.

Shiny                                                                                      Patina           


Accent Crystals

Choose your Accent Crystal or leave it off. I also have a few others that aren't represented here: light yellow, sunflower yellow, burgundy, Tanzanite purple. And if there's a color you want that's not represented, I'll try to find one for you.

Stamping on the Back

I can typically fit 4 characters in a row on the back of a charm, and I can also stack letters (e.g. PAW on one line with PAW on another).

My letters are all UPPERCASE. And I have numbers and an ampersand (&).

I'm also happy to purchase metal stamps if they're available. In some cases the stamps are large and I can't include other characters. In other cases the stamp is small. I can stamp smaller images above or below letters and numbers.

Please request any personalization you want, and I'll do my best to make it happen. In these cases, please have a back-up option, in case I can't do what you're requesting.

I have many metal stamps, including the following. You can see a complete set here.

Image result for metal stamp footballMetal Stamp - Dragonfly - 6mm - Metal Stamping - ImpressArtImage result for metal stamp teddy bear